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Montgomery County Drug Crime Attorney

Defending Possession, Sales & Trafficking Charges in Conroe

When facing serious legal problems related to any drug crime, it is vital that you have an attorney that will aggressively pursue any possible defense options and fight for your freedom. As our state has very severe punishments in most drug related crimes, an attorney that has experience and a proven record in defending drug crimes is an urgent matter for you and your family. The first step after an arrest must be to contact a Montgomery County drug crime lawyer from the firm to review the evidence that has led to your arrest, and identify any errors or flaws in the case that could be taken advantage of when defending the charges. Attorney Doug Atkinson is a highly qualified and dedicated drug crime defense lawyer who focuses on helping clients to fight to avoid punishment after any drug crime arrest.

Areas of Practice: Drug Crime Defense in Montgomery County

Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges do not respond well to those that they believe are providing drugs to the community, or are users of controlled substances. If this is your first experience in the criminal justice system, the attorney at the firm knows how frightening the situation is. It is crucial that immediate defense actions are taken under such circumstances if you are hoping to avoid the penalties that a conviction will bring. The firm provides high quality, aggressive defense to clients accused of all types of drug offenses, including cases of drug possession, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation, drug sales, possession for sale, drug trafficking, drug distribution, legal problems involving prescription drugs, and can assist those needing legal representation in the expunction of drug charges.

The legal team at the office provides exceptional legal resources and defense for criminal charges all throughout Conroe, Montgomery County and all of the surrounding communities in Texas. Despite the charges you are facing, securing legal representation should be your main priority. With a Montgomery County drug defense lawyer, you will be able to have your rights protected and your future safeguarded by an advocate of the law, which is vitally important when the penalties of a conviction range from prison to fines to community service and beyond.

Penalties of Drug Offenses in Conroe & Montgomery County

When you are facing serious criminal charges relating to a drug offense anywhere in the state of Texas, you immediately put your life at risk. You will be risking your future, freedom and your reputation, in addition to your driving privileges and employment. When employers find out that their employee has been arrested for a drug offense, they often terminate employment. Furthermore, if your arrest was tied to driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you will likely be facing additional penalties.

Many other types of criminal acts, such as violent crimes, theft and sex-related offenses are all committed under the influence of an illegal substance. As such, you may be facing additional charges depending on the situation. In any case, it is always strongly advised that you retain the services of a seasoned Conroe drug crime attorney immediately. The sooner you begin working with a lawyer, the sooner you will have answers to your questions.

If you are looking for seasoned legal advice and advocacy for your drug crime case, look no further than Attorney Doug Atkinson and his experienced team. Call today for a consultation of your case!

Contact a Montgomery County drug defense lawyer today by calling Attorney Doug Atkinson. You can also view some of the firm's case results that have made the news.

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