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Fees & Payment Plans

Drug Crime Lawyer Serving Montgomery County and Conroe Areas

Attorney Doug Atkinson and the firm offer a number of payment plans to clients who select the firm to defend their cases in court. The first step is to meet with the attorney and determine what your case will entail with regard to court appearances, research and other matters. The attorney is aware that in many cases it is difficult to consider outlaying large payments, and makes a number of easy payment arrangements to clients who need an aggressive legal defender for their case.

Payment Arrangements for Drug Crime Cases in Montgomery County

Determining the costs involved requires an evaluation of your specific case. No two drug crime cases are alike, and each will have specific legal needs and requirements. The legal team at the firm will quickly evaluate your individual circumstances and case and advise you of the predicted cost of a quality defense. In any type of criminal defense case, it is vital to know that a conviction will lead to jail or prison time in most cases, and the damage to your future employment and income is far beyond any cost you could incur from legal services. The attorney at the firm dedicates his full attention to your case, and knows full well how important the outcome is to you, your future, your family and your freedom. A free case evaluation is the first step, and after he reviews the details of your case, he can help you to determine a payment arrangement that will work for you in your personal financial situation.

Ensuring that you have high quality, aggressive and committed legal representation is the most important part of any drug crime case. The actions taken by your attorney can assist you in seeking any possible alternative to a conviction, whether in a case dismissal, reduced charges or a full acquittal at trial. Early involvement in your case could lead to potentially favorable results, and it is advised that you take advantage of a free case evaluation immediately after your arrest.

Contact a Conroe drug crime defense attorney to discuss fees and payment plans in a free case evaluation.

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