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Why Hire Doug Atkinson?

Montgomery County Drug Crime Attorney

There are many law firms that will offer legal representation in drug offenses. Choosing the right attorney can be a difficult decision. How would you know who will take on your case and have a personal interest and commitment to defending you? The selection of an attorney is a crucial decision, as that Montgomery County drug crime lawyer is the individual who will hold your future and freedom. Their ability to defend you successfully is so important that understanding why Doug Atkinson should defend you is critical. As he has successfully defended countless clients in all types of drug crime cases, a proven court record is one of the aspects that you need to consider. This is not the time to select a rookie lawyer that does not have the trial experience to bring to the table.

Defending Criminal Drug Cases in Conroe

Doug Atkinson is focused strictly on criminal defense, and spends every day working with clients, developing a strong defense case. There is no substitute for actual criminal law experience, and he has presented literally hundreds of cases in his years in practice, and has gained profound insight into how to navigate the criminal justice system when seeking a favorable case result for his clients. In fact, he has even been named "Trial Attorney of the Year" by the Montgomery County Criminal Defense Bar.

Education and keeping current with all recent case law is part of a successful defense. Mr. Atkinson takes the time to keep abreast of all changes in law, including the potential alternatives to jail time and other penalties that the law may impose on a drug offender. The legal firm is there to defend the client, not to be apathetic or uninvolved. A careful and thorough examination of all the fact surrounding the case is the first order of business; in many cases, serious errors in the prosecution's case against the client are identified. These can include violations of rights, faulty lab work, chain of custody or other factor that could lead to a full dismissal of charges. Knowing that you have an attorney that will actually care about you and your future is vital, and Doug Atkinson has a genuine interest and involvement with his clients. Your future is his only concern, and you are urged to contact the firm as soon after the arrest as possible so that immediate defense action can be taken on your behalf.

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